Rand Club is a part of South African history nestled in the heart of the biggest and wealthiest city in Southern Africa. One might be so bold as to say that Rand Club is Johannesburg.

Ludwigs Roses

King of events management, Otto de Jager, receives his rose in honour for popularising the use of big open rose blooms for wedding bouquets and table decorations!

Katy’s Palace Bar

A unique venue of palatial proportions, Katy’s offers an eclectic mix of furnishings and décor, fine arts and artefacts from across the globe, everything that you need to transform your event and transport your guests to another place and time, or wherever the whim takes you.


Filmmakers who take wedding films to a whole new level. Every wedding is a piece of art and reflects the personality and dynamics of our beautiful couples. We are a team of artists who live our job and we love to work with people. We film weddings countrywide and have two branches, one in Pretoria for Gauteng and one in Cape Town to cover the Western Cape. We travel everywhere in the world to capture the world’s best moments.  Visit us for a cup of coffee at our studios and let us show you some of our art. We are not videographers, we are cinematographers and we‘ll make sure your wedding film will leave you on awe. Pictures capture moments, we capture everything!


Thirteen offers a panoramic view of the city skyline from its 13th Floor and Rooftop location - bringing together a rich and refined palette of materials in an elegantly designed champagne and whisky bar that is set to become a leading bar of the world.

Jewel of The Cape

In North Africa, and the Middle and Far East, Cape Town has an established reputation as a favourite retreat from the summer heat. So why not market it as a favourite wedding destination as well?As a hybrid of Western and Eastern Wedding styles seems to be the trend among the elite of these countries, we do not aim to offer our clients a truly authentic experience, but rather a Western milieu as basis with the following traditional elements grafted onto that.

The Rose Barn

The Rose Barn is a creatively transformed rustic barn, a distinctive event venue that can comfortably host a variety of celebrations, offering an ambience that exceeds all expectations, situated on the quaint farm of resident owners, Cassie & Sandra Lotter in Jeffreys Bay. More than 500 rose trees, are carefully tended to by Sandra, which produce breathtaking Antique, Iceberg & Peony styled roses.


Nubian Bride is the only bridal magazine that caters for the African woman.

The magazine recognises the that African brides, in all their diversity, enjoy their wedding day differently from women around the world.